I’m an experienced frontend developer from the UK now based in Montreal, Canada, with over 7 years experience of building websites, web applications, user interfaces and e-commerce stores for individuals, small businesses and startups.

I’m a strong supporter of responsive web design, making sure all the websites I build work beautifully across all sizes of devices, from desktops to tablets and mobile phones.

I’m also committed to optimising website performance, and building websites which load quickly even on mobile devices and slow connections.

I’m an experienced WordPress developer, having built numerous WordPress based websites, often building custom WordPress themes in order to achieve unique end results for my clients.

I’m also an experienced Shopify developer and have built and configured several Shopify based e-commerce stores, often building custom Shopify themes.

I also have experience of building more complex MVC web applications using Ruby and Rails. I’ve built websites using Bootstrap and Foundation and I’m comfortable using React, Redux, React Native, Apollo, Graphql, Git, Gulp, Webpack, and working within a team of developers.

I have a keen attention to detail and I write clean well-structured code, using linters such as ESLint and Stylelint whenever possible and testing my websites in all modern browsers.

If you are in need of a new website or a front-end web developer please get in touch to check my availability.

Technical skills include:

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, ES2015+, jQuery, Node, Gulp, Webpack
  • React, React Native, Redux, Apollo, Graphql, Node
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Ajax, RESTful apis
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, WordPress, Shopify
  • Git, Linux servers, Heroku, AWS, Apache, Nginx

Typical responsibilities:

  • Responsive web design and front-end development
  • WordPress theme development and site configuration
  • Shopify theme development and store setup
  • Website performance optimisation