I’m an experienced full-stack web developer from the UK now based in Montreal, Canada, with 10+ years experience of building websites, e-commerce stores, web and mobile applications applications, .

I’m currently a Lead Software Engineer at MaintainX, where I lead a team of developers focused on building new features for the core web and mobile applications that are critical to the success of the business. We are using an incredibly modern tech stack heavily using TypeScript, React, React Native, GraphQL and Node.js. We also use Next.js and Gatsby to power our additional websites.

I was previously the lead front-end developer at Provenance where for over 4 years I built all the user interfaces for a Ruby on Rails web application which also featured React, Redux and connectivity to the Ethereum blockchain.

A while back I was a freelance web developer and built many websites using WordPress and Shopify in particular, for individuals, small business and startups, but I am no longer taking on any new clients.

Technical skills include:

  • TypeScript, JavaScript, GraphQL, Node.js,
  • React, React Native, Next.js, Gatsby
  • HTML, CSS, Sass, RESTful apis
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, WordPress, Shopify