April 2014

I built the new website for the delicatessen and coffee shop Kitchenetta.

Kitchenetta Deli

Project Details:

Kitchenetta is a delicatessen and coffee shop in Woodhall Spa, UK, established and run by an old school-friend, Etta.

Once the brick-and-mortar business was up and running, Etta then turned her attention to setting up a suitable online presence for the business.

She commissioned Pernille Hannibal as a designer and branding expert, and then turned to me as a web developer, in order to build a fully functioning website to match the proposed design.

We settled on using WordPress as the CMS, as it would allow Etta to make changes to the site in the future with minimal technical knowledge.

I then proceeded to build a fully custom WordPress theme for Kitchenetta. The resulting site features a “fully responsive design”, which means it is mobile and tablet friendly. The site also features customised image galleries with a lightbox effect.