Albion Cycling

September 2016

I built a WordPress/Shopify hybrid site for Albion Cycling.

Albion Cycling is a new British cycling brand that makes products for road cycling in all types of weather.

Earlier in the year, Harry Cresswell and I met the Albion team to brainstorm how to establish their new web presence. We decided to build a hybrid WordPress/Shopify site, in order to play to the strengths of both platforms.

The core site and blog is powered by WordPress, allowing the Albion team to write new blog entries very easily using the WordPress backend. The eCommerce functionality is provided via the Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK, allowing the Albion team to make use of the payments, orders and inventory infrastructure provided by a Shopify backend.

The homepage of the site also features a “weather widget”, which was a piece of custom functionality the Albion team was keen to have present. The widget returns the upcoming weather for a given location, and provides the user with riding/clothing advice according to the forecast.

As always, the site is fully responsive, mobile-friendly and performance optimised.