Hasanthi Ovesen

September 2014 (Updated December 2018)

I designed and built a sophisticated new website for London-based jewellery designer Hasanthi Ovesen.

Hasanthi Ovesen is a London-based high-end jewellery designer. In late 2014 she decided to invest in a new website, which would showcase her beautiful jewellery pieces in the elegant manner her clients expect.

Hasanthi had seen the gorgeous site that I had previously built for Lauren Adriana, and approached me in the hope that I could design and build her a website similarly clean, minimal, and professional looking.

She wanted a site that would be mobile-friendly, and that would be easy to maintain in the future without technical knowledge. She also wanted a feature whereby users could hover over a jewellery piece in order to zoom in and view the intricate jewel work of her pieces. I was confident I could deliver a site to those specifications.

I worked closely with Hasanthi to develop a design to her liking, then proceeded to build the site on WordPress, which was perfect for the circumstances. Everything was made easier due to the gorgeous photos of the jewellery pieces that Hasanthi had commissioned separately.